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    Dear Instructors and Examiners,

    Welcome to the Operator Training Academy Moodle Learning Management System – the central platform for conducting comprehensive driver's training and exams for our units. Our mission is to facilitate a seamless training process and contribute to the continuous improvement of our program.

    Getting Started

    1. Courses Management: As a licensed instructor or examiner, you have access to manage and create courses tailored to your unit's needs. Utilize the platform to organize materials, schedule training sessions, and track the progress of your unit members.

    2. Profile Setup: Complete your profile with your credentials and expertise. This will help unit members identify the qualified individuals leading their training and exams.

    3. Dashboard Overview: Your personalized dashboard provides a quick snapshot of the courses you are managing, upcoming exams, and the progress of unit members. Streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.

    Training and Exam Management

    1. Commander Interviews: Coordinate and conduct Commander Interviews seamlessly through the platform.

    2. Practical Exercises: Manage and evaluate hands-on practical exercises efficiently. Ensure that unit members are well-prepared for real-world scenarios and challenges.

    3. Exams and Assessments: Oversee exams and assessments to gauge the proficiency of unit members. Leverage the platform's features for easy grading and detailed performance tracking.

    Support and Collaboration

    1. Help Desk: For any platform-related queries or assistance, visit our Help Desk. Our support team is here to ensure a smooth experience for both instructors and unit members.

    2. Collaboration Hub: Engage with fellow instructors and examiners in our Collaboration Hub. Share best practices, discuss challenges, and collaborate to elevate the quality of training and exams across units.

    Stay Connected

    1. News and Announcements: Stay updated on platform enhancements, policy changes, and important announcements. Regularly check the News section for the latest information.

    2. Community Forum: Participate in the Community Forum to connect with instructors and examiners from different units. Share your expertise and learn from others to collectively enhance the training program.

    Important Dates

    Keep track of important dates, including upcoming exams, training sessions, and any program updates. Ensure that your unit members are well-informed about their training schedule.

    We appreciate your dedication to maintaining high standards in our training program. Together, let's continue to elevate the skills and readiness of our operators.

    Best regards,

    Operator Training Academy Team

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